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The Thriving Woman

Mar 11, 2020

Welcome to WCW with Amber Curtis!
Amber is a soon-to-be tenured professor who's had 3 kids in 4.5 years, Amber Curtis, PhD knows all too well that time is of the essence. She started Solutions for Simplicity to share everything she's learned--both the hard way in her own personal experience juggling family & career, and from years of academic research into the best strategies for maximizing productivity & effectiveness in order to have more time for who & what we LOVE. She shares tips & tools to help other busy mamas lead a simpler, less-stressed life on her blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and soon-to-be podcast. Her resources and coaching have helped dozens of other women reclaim their joy through living a less-stressed, more intentional life.

Gift from Amber:
E-book "5 D's to Defeat Despair"

"Everyday Essentials" Checklist

Where to find Amber:

IG: @solutionsforsimplicity (

YouTube: Solutions for Simplicity (

Twitter: @ambercurtisphd (

LinkedIn: Solutions for Simplicity (